5D Diamond Painting Kit - Cat Carol Singer
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5D Diamond Painting Kit - Cat Carol Singer

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5D Diamond Painting is the latest craft craze to hit our shores! It's very simple yet very effective and VERY addictive!

It’s like painting by numbers, but instead of using paint, you use little ‘diamonds’. Of course they're not real diamonds, but are still nice and sparkly when you look at them.

You start with a base picture which is adhesive, and then stick the little diamonds on the picture according to the numbers.

Once you've finished, you can trim the picture and frame it to hang on your wall (the frame is the only thing not included!) 

You are provided with everything you need in these kits, and get a full instruction leaflet too, though you will soon get the hang of it. And don't worry about running out of diamonds as you get more than enough of each colour, and will have some spares left over at the end.

Why not give a try? Just be prepared for some late nights as you just can't put them down once you start!


PICTURE SIZE: 30cm x 40cm

KIT TYPE: Partial Drill (you complete the cat only)



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