Our Story

Cat World Feline Superstore is owned and run by a husband and wife team - Graham and Di. We have a passion for cats so it’s never a chore for us to be at ‘work’, doing what we love!

Cats really do dominate our lives - when we are not in our Cat World high street shop, we are working on the website or attending cat shows when they’re on! (See our separate page for upcoming cat shows we’ll be going to!)

Our company has been trading for over 10 years. We used to show our pedigree cats (they are all retired from shows now) and after a while decided to also have a small sales stand, initially selling a small range of mainly hand-made cat-themed products. Gradually, we started to get more products and bigger stands, then we launched online, and finally in May 2019 we opened our very own bricks and mortar shop.

We spend lots of time researching and sourcing interesting and exciting products for our online store and shop that you may not necessarily easily find elsewhere, and still have a penchant for crafts and handmade items as these are often original and always made with love and care.

We have 4 cats of our own, three pedigree Bengals and a gorgeous Ginger. This is the reason why our website is called Bengal Cat World, though we of course offer a huge range of non-Bengal feline fancies, for cats and the humans who love them!

We think it’s time to introduce our gang…

1. Robbie - DOB August 2009

Ginger cat

Gorgeous Robbie is our only non-Bengal, but he is definitely the boss of everyone in the house, including the humans! But he has every right to be as he is a bit of a superstar, having appeared in several TV shows and Ads, and other promotional material for major international companies! 🌟 ⭐️

2. Spot - DOB 11 May 2011

Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Spotty (pedigree name Grand Premier Tobysden Sunspot) is a cheeky boy. He is very loud and chatty, particularly when he wants a treat, which is usually very often! He is a gentle and graceful soul who is rather partial to a nice catnap or two 😴 🥱

3. Lula - 11 May 2011 - 17 February 2024

Snow Spotted Bengal Cat

Now at Rainbow Bridge 😢

Lula (pedigree name Imperial Grand Premier Tobysden Talullahbelle) is Spotty’s sister. She’s our only Blue-Eyed Snow Spotted Bengal - the other three are brown spotted. She is also very loud when she wants to be - particularly when you pick her up as she doesn’t like that 😂 But she does like lots of affection when she’s on her own four paws ❣️

4. Annie - DOB 19 April 2014

Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Little Annie (pedigree name Olympian Silver Imperial Grand Master Cat Tsarena Anastasia) is our littlest Bengal. She’s not all that little really, but compared to the others, she’s a bit of a squirt, so she gets called little all the time 😸 She is the most dog-like cat we have, she follows her humans around all the time, wanting cuddles and kisses and will play fetch with her favourite toys. She sometimes makes a guest appearance in our shop and enjoys meeting new people and making new friends 💕 

5. Spike - DOB 19 April 2014

Brown Spotted Bengal Cat

Spike (pedigree name Imperial Grand Premier Tobysden Tereschenko) is the face of our store, it’s his image you see in our logo 🙂 He is a stunning boy, with amazing aqua coloured eyes. As you may have guessed, he is Annie’s brother, though he’s 10 hours younger than her as he decided he didn’t want to be born at the same time as the rest of the litter 😹 In fact, all of our Bengals have the same father so they are all at least half sisters/brothers 💜💜

If you’d like to know more about our products or our cats, please don’t hesitate to contact us, you can use our Webform, or email us at service@bengalcatworld.co.uk