Silvervine Matatabi Powder 15g for Cats
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Silvervine Matatabi Powder 15g for Cats

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Silvervine is a herb that grows in the mountains of Asia, Matatabi is the Asian name for it.

Most cats go wild for it, just like they do catnip! Not all cats react to catnip (about a third don’t), and those who don’t have a high chance of liking Silvervine - though of course, as all people owned by cats know, nothing is guaranteed with cats! Ours love both, but seem to favour Silvervine.

You can use it to re-invigorate extisting toys, or even pop a bit on the floor and watch your cat roll around in ecstasy!

Silvervine is not the easiest product to source as it’s only harvested once a year, hence why it’s not as common as catnip, but it’s gaining in popularity all the time as cat owners become aware of how wonderful it is!