Little Annie Su-purr-star!

Posted by Di Cheal on

Hello Cat Lovers 💜

We are so excited today - we’ve just got the latest ‘Specialbuys’ magazine from the supermarket Aldi, and there is a fantastic pic of our little Annie in there, helping to advertise cat food! 🐱

Of course, we knew she was due to be in there, and her and Robbie the ginger have done lots of advertising in the past, but it’s always a thrill when you actually see the finished product! 👍😄

Are you as excited as we were to see it? 😂 OK… we’ll put you out of your misery now 💕😻

Annie Bengal Cat

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  • Love ❤️ little Princess Annie
    She is so gorgeous when she
    is not misbehaving lol 😂

    Lesley Milton on

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