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Hello Cat Lovers!

We've been very busy these last few days uploading lots of new products to the store! Plus we've been re-stocking sold out favourites too.

We'll let you into a little secret as well .... We've got a Miss Sparrow/Mr Heron bamboo sock order due to arrive tomorrow (Monday)! Our customers just love these socks, so we will be pleased to be replenishing our very depleted stocks!

But back to what we've been busy doing, here's a snapshot of just a few of the gorgeous new things you can buy:

Lisa Parker 'Spirits of Salem' Shopping Bag

Lisa Parker produces such gorgeous designs, and we have lots of items with her artwork in store. These bags are sturdy, reusable, roomy and come with a stunning design on both sides! What more could a person need from a bag? :)


Bree Merryn Kitten Cat Mug Cat World Feline Superstore

Bree Merryn Pumpkin Cat Mug

We just couldn't resist adding the cutest of cute kitties - Pumpkin - to our Bree Merryn collection. Mind you, all of the mugs in this collection are just so darned cute, it's nigh on impossible to choose a favourite!

Feline Fine Hot & Cold Insulated Mug Cat World Feline Superstore

Feline Fine Cat Hot & Cold Thermal Insulated Mug

This thermal insulated mug is not only pink and cute, but also really practical too! It's suitable for hot and cold drinks and food (such as soup).

It keeps liquids cold for up to 8 hours or warm for up to 6 hours.
The lid has a steam release valve in the centre and a secure flip up cover over the drinking hole. Purrfect for all seasons of the year!


Simon's Cat Novelty Solar Pal

Simon's Cat Solar Pal - Solar Powered Novelty

Another huge favourite of our customers is Simon's Cat. This solar pal will sit on any windowsill, or anywhere where it will get the sun, and the little solar panel in his back will waggle his cute lil tail! Ideal for children and adults alike.

Smooth Silver Cats Couple Ornament Cat World Feline Superstore

Smooth Silver Cats Couple Ornament 

These two gorgeous cats are the best of furriends! Stunning smooth silver ornament that will enhance any home decor.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check our blog regularly for more product updates and many other kitty-related articles.

PS - Feel free to leave a comment if you would like, it's really easy to do and we love to read them!



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