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Hello cat lovers 💜

You may already be aware that we not only sell online and in our shop, but we also go on the road to cat shows quite regularly too! Phew! 😹 In fact, our next show is this weekend in Solihull, Birmingham! 

Cat show cat

You will see at the foot of our page, under the heading “About Us” a list of all our upcoming cat shows so you can make plans to pop along too if you wish! All of the cat shows we attend are open to the public once more, and most take place on a Saturday and a Sunday, so you are most welcome to visit on whichever day you prefer 🤩 Or both, if you really are a crazy cat person 😸

You will not only be able to peruse all the marvellous goodies on our stall 🛒🎁🛍 but you can also meet lots of gorgeous cats and speak to their owners/breeders!

If you are considering buying a particular breed, it’s a great way of getting to know all about that breed before you go ahead, and of course making contacts 🙂 We always recommend buying from reputable, registered breeders if you are buying a pedigree kitten / cat, there are lots of ‘back yard breeders’ out there who often (not always) are only interested in making money and give little concern for the welfare of the cats at all, or who are not really aware of what they are doing and don’t do all the desired testing etc to make sure their litters will be healthy 🐱🐱

We used to show our cats, but they are all retired now. Here’s one of our favourite show pics of our Spotty cat when he did really well, he amassed lots of rosettes and won “Best in Show - Foreign” (Bengal cats were, at that time, classified in the “foreign” category.)

Spot Bengal Cat World Feline Superstore

If you would like any further information about cat shows or how to get tickets, please get in touch 🙂 Please feel free to also leave any comments below 👇👇


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