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Hello Cat Lovers 💜

We’re at the cat show this weekend at Solihull, near Birmingham UK. It’s a joint show between two registries - TICA and FIFe - so there are lots of cats here!

Cat Show Solihull

There are so many gorgeous cats being shown, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to share some pics with you that we managed to snap during the day. All photos have been taken with the owner’s permission 😻 (any mistakes in relation to spelling of names etc is entirely down to the author! 😂)

British Longhair - Tutti Fruitti

British Longhair Cat

Porshia the Norwegian Forest cat enjoying a nice scratch behind the ears 🐱

Norwegian Forest Cat

Two Sphinxes 

Sphinx Cats

Kimi the Bengal cat, just chillin’

Bengal Cat

 A gorgeous black cat being judged

Judging Cats

Oriental Kitten

Oriental kitten

Russian Blue 

Russian Blue Cat

Abyssinian Cat being judged

Abyssinian Cat 

Balinese - Long Haired Oriental Cat

Yeti the Burmese boy

Burmese Cat

Norwegian Forest Girl

Are you looking at me? 😂 Siberian boy

Siberian Cat 

Maine Coon Boy

Maine Coon Cat  

Birman Cat (just been woken up from a nice snooze!) (by owner, we might add 😄)

Birman Cat

Aren’t they all just adorable? All I can say is that I’m glad I’m not a judge, as I’d just award every cat joint 1st place all the time 😂😂

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